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2015 Missouri Alien/Entity Reports VIA MUFON

After looking at 17 alien/entity reports for California in the State UFO blogging series - here's a review of 6 such accounts in Missouri in 2015 via searching the MUFON database. Like California - NO alien pictures and only fleeting memories of perceptions of perhaps some subspace to reality are revealed in the six accounts.... seen below:
Report 1 - Feb 3rd - Belton Missouri - what the submitter described as - A self illuminating being about 5 feet with a little larger head than a human, no face. - including according to the report other incidents included a red laser light and strange projected shapes with writings similar to hieroglyphics.
Report 2 Feb 15th - Kirkwood Missouri - 8 Pink Moving Lights that initially resembled a plane or helicopter and that all vanished at the same moment. NO BEING-Entity mention.
Report 3 June 26th - Eminence Missouri - 7 Foot  black creature with leather wings folded by its side (while riding in backseat of car) and large catlike ears -  yellow catlike eyes - this was a momentary sighting and not confirmed upon backing up of car.
Report 4 June 27th - Independence Missouri - 4 UFO Investigators - ONLY ONE sees an alien being standing right next to them - after observing strange lights in the sky several times.... direct quote below: Red is my emphasis - 
At about 10:40 p.m. I was sitting in a chair and another investigator stood to my right and back a couple of feet when I noticed what I thought was the investigator bending over very low - I saw what I thought was his head in my peripheral vision but when I turned to the right to see what he was doing it was actually an extraterrestrial standing there. He had no hair, tan skin, was approximately 3 1/2' tall, had a thin muscular body, thin mouth, small nose, not extremely large eyes, long face with pointed chin, and a head in proportion to the body or just slightly larger. He was either wearing a tight jumpsuit or no clothing. It shocked me, to say the least. I told everyone what I saw and grabbed my FLIR to check the area and check the ground for a heat signature left by the feet but there was nothing. I was again looking forward, when in my peripheral vision saw what I thought was the investigator moving forward. I looked to my right and there was the ET again. He disappeared as soon as I looked straight at him. I then got the impression that the entity had been there all along and that he was observing us. We then all got our cameras and started taking pictures. A few minutes later I again saw what I thought was the investigator move forward and when I turned my head to look it was the entity, inches from my face, bent over slightly and he turned his head and stared right at me with a look on his face as if he were surprised that I could see him. I got out of the chair, put my hand out where I saw him, then walked through the area where he was standing and actually felt some type of energy go through me. I had the distinct impression that this entity was there to observe us all. I felt that this was important to report as the witness in this case since I was the only one who saw the entity.
Report 5 9-19 Kaolin Township - Dark Object, Thuds, In Complete Wilderness - missing objects and moved objects too. NO being seen.
Report 6 10-7 Kansas City Missouri - Claims 307 UFO Sightings with a telescope of what seems to be orbs being described in this short report (especially for such a claim) - NO being seen or claimed.
So.. so pictures/no videos - with reports of - a self-illuminating being about 5'5'' tall in a bedroom - a 7 foot tall leathery catlike/batlike creature in the woods - a 3'6" tall et with a  long face and pointed chin extraterrestrial in a jumpsuit possibly, seen by only one `UFO' person in a common setting with others - and another dark local object. 

The aliens/entities of 2015.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Private Officer Captures Orange Orb In Video Above Kansas City Skies 8/7/14 (Latest MUFON Reports of 9/18)

The officer writes a compelling report -- but -- usually I just dismiss `Orange Fireballs' as Chineese Lanterns..... take a look and see for yourself.

I was on duty as a private officer working the night shift in midtown Kansas City, MO. I was in my Crown Vic. It was just before Midnight. An orange light got my attention out of my left peripheral vision. I looked to my left which would be due south of my position. I was surprised to see an orange fireball the size of an aspirin at arms length. It was moving at the speed and altitude of a satellite descending to the southwest. I grabbed my camcorder and began filming. It looked like a campfire in the sky. It was obviously flaming but leaving no trail or debris. My camcorder began going in and out of focus. I began to lose sight of the fireball as it went behind telephone polls and buildings. I got out of the Crown Vic to attempt another shoot, but it was no good. It was gone. The whole thing happened in probably just under two minutes. Initially, when the fireball was due left of me at approximately 9 o'clock (i.e. 45 degrees), I was struggling to remove my camcorder from my backpack and the zipper got caught in the threading. By the time I got it out the fireball had traversed considerably further to the southwest. In the short time that I filmed it, as the camcorder came in and out of focus, I managed to obtain two distinct focal points. When I got off work, I transferred the film to DVD. I was able to zoom (i.e. magnify) the images to the 4th power. What I was hoping to see is what I refer to as a "Light Signature." A pronouncement indicative of an energy source. I was not let down. What is evident in all of the images, both focused and unfocused, is something white-hot at the center of what appears to be a flaming ball of orange plasma. It is evident that the orange plasma is secondary to the white-hot intensity of what lies at the heart, or the center of the anomaly. Ever-so-often the object or objects at the center, because in many cases I was able to count as many as four would suddenly emit a searingly white-hot burst of light that would flood the whole chamber of the surrounding plasma, and immediately return to an orange fireball with a white-hot center. At this point I am just filled with amazement. No answers. Sounds did not sync up with video for some reason, so we opted to mute the video.
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I also did an overview of the UFO happenings in Missouri here

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daytime Strangeness Caught On Photo In UFO Hotspot - Lees Summit

It's a simple MUFON report - September 14th - `White Object In Full Daylight'.... I've covered Lees Summit extensively in my blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock.

Not sure I accept all the descriptions of speed or distance on this one, but, none the less adds to its credence at some level perhaps
Long Description of Sighting Report
Sunday September 14, 2014, over the noon hour at 12:29 pm I saw a new craft in the skies... I had been looking into the same area where I saw a light the previous Friday evening. I noticed what I thought was a momentary bright flash in the sky. Because of this I took my camera and telephoto out to see if I could view anything of the sort through the lens... even momentarily. I didn't see anything for the first few minutes. Then after putting down the camera, and just scanning with my eyes, I noticed what at first seemed to be a white bird in the distance.
I decided to take some photos so over the next 43 seconds I took five shots. The white object did not behave like a bird, but then also seemed odd for an airplane. Then I started to blow up the images..... it was definitely not either one. I have cropped and edited them for better detail. The first image seemed to have been the most out of range and therefore out of focus... but as it got further away, the detail gets better. The last photo is the clearest.

The first photo was taken at 315°, and the final photo a 337°. They were at approximately 15 degrees from the horizon. The direction of travel seems be ESE or about 116° from the undeveloped land in the western areas of Blue Springs Lake toward the area of the marina, or beyond. Analysis of the size of the first and final image shows that it grew in size nearly doubling (1.8 times). The clarity improved as the images were taken and the final one at 337 ° is the clearest and larger. This leads to the conclusion that the image first observed was further away, and the final photo closer. The focus on the camera was not changed.

During the 43 seconds, approximately .63 miles distance was covered. The rate of travel seemed to be constant, and calculates to be 53 mph, much too slow for aircraft. Altitude in photo 1 was about 1400 ft, and the final photo was about 1,050 ft. descending.

The second photo shows an interesting item: there appears to have been a dark triangular craft that appeared crossing the path of the white object. It must have been traveling at a high rate of speed since the previous photo, and the third photo which were approximately 5 seconds earlier and later do not show evidence of the triangular craft. 

Pictures Submitted

These structured orbs are becoming more formed and bolder perhaps?

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