Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 Missouri Alien/Entity Reports VIA MUFON

After looking at 17 alien/entity reports for California in the State UFO blogging series - here's a review of 6 such accounts in Missouri in 2015 via searching the MUFON database. Like California - NO alien pictures and only fleeting memories of perceptions of perhaps some subspace to reality are revealed in the six accounts.... seen below:
Report 1 - Feb 3rd - Belton Missouri - what the submitter described as - A self illuminating being about 5 feet with a little larger head than a human, no face. - including according to the report other incidents included a red laser light and strange projected shapes with writings similar to hieroglyphics.
Report 2 Feb 15th - Kirkwood Missouri - 8 Pink Moving Lights that initially resembled a plane or helicopter and that all vanished at the same moment. NO BEING-Entity mention.
Report 3 June 26th - Eminence Missouri - 7 Foot  black creature with leather wings folded by its side (while riding in backseat of car) and large catlike ears -  yellow catlike eyes - this was a momentary sighting and not confirmed upon backing up of car.
Report 4 June 27th - Independence Missouri - 4 UFO Investigators - ONLY ONE sees an alien being standing right next to them - after observing strange lights in the sky several times.... direct quote below: Red is my emphasis - 
At about 10:40 p.m. I was sitting in a chair and another investigator stood to my right and back a couple of feet when I noticed what I thought was the investigator bending over very low - I saw what I thought was his head in my peripheral vision but when I turned to the right to see what he was doing it was actually an extraterrestrial standing there. He had no hair, tan skin, was approximately 3 1/2' tall, had a thin muscular body, thin mouth, small nose, not extremely large eyes, long face with pointed chin, and a head in proportion to the body or just slightly larger. He was either wearing a tight jumpsuit or no clothing. It shocked me, to say the least. I told everyone what I saw and grabbed my FLIR to check the area and check the ground for a heat signature left by the feet but there was nothing. I was again looking forward, when in my peripheral vision saw what I thought was the investigator moving forward. I looked to my right and there was the ET again. He disappeared as soon as I looked straight at him. I then got the impression that the entity had been there all along and that he was observing us. We then all got our cameras and started taking pictures. A few minutes later I again saw what I thought was the investigator move forward and when I turned my head to look it was the entity, inches from my face, bent over slightly and he turned his head and stared right at me with a look on his face as if he were surprised that I could see him. I got out of the chair, put my hand out where I saw him, then walked through the area where he was standing and actually felt some type of energy go through me. I had the distinct impression that this entity was there to observe us all. I felt that this was important to report as the witness in this case since I was the only one who saw the entity.
Report 5 9-19 Kaolin Township - Dark Object, Thuds, In Complete Wilderness - missing objects and moved objects too. NO being seen.
Report 6 10-7 Kansas City Missouri - Claims 307 UFO Sightings with a telescope of what seems to be orbs being described in this short report (especially for such a claim) - NO being seen or claimed.
So.. so pictures/no videos - with reports of - a self-illuminating being about 5'5'' tall in a bedroom - a 7 foot tall leathery catlike/batlike creature in the woods - a 3'6" tall et with a  long face and pointed chin extraterrestrial in a jumpsuit possibly, seen by only one `UFO' person in a common setting with others - and another dark local object. 

The aliens/entities of 2015.
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